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The Diary of a Stressed Teenager

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July 18th, 2007

12:07 pm - I am still here!
Hello all- i am alive

I think the last time i posted here was in october last year and my word has alot changed since then!! Have finished first year at vet school and passed and am having an amazing time living in london.

I may do a big catch up post at some point but at the moment i just want to say that if you are going to be discussing Harry potter 7 on your lj anytime before next wed please put it under a cut as i won't be able to read the book until then :'( sadness indeed!

Current Location: home
Current Mood: uncomfortableuncomfortable
Current Music: radio 1

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December 12th, 2006

03:45 pm - My Xmas Stocking
my xmas stockingCollapse )

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September 28th, 2006

05:22 pm - guh..
I hate mood swings!

I am honestly having a wonderful time here at uni in london but i get moments when i just feel really really homesick, have just hit one now, it's passing but it's so annoying.
I'm meeting loads of lovely people, and all of my flat get on really well but sometimes i just really want to be at home! I know it will get better once we are in structured lectures next week and not going out everynight and less tired but at the moment the week is dragging abit. Am also trying to train my self to only phone my parents once every 2 or 3 days, especially as they are not going to be here next week.
I just want to know that i'm not alone, i am sure that others are feeling like this but loads of people seem to be making solid friends really quickly, i am but just at a slower rate i think!

Anyway, got to go get ready for this riverboat cruise thingy, but feel free to text me or write to me or phone me!
Current Location: NW5 3AQ
Current Mood: confusedconfused
Current Music: none at the moment

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September 25th, 2006

05:57 pm - so, university
I am now at university, have been since yesterday morning but it took a while to get internet up and running.
It feels so weird to be hear, starting to settle in now, making friends etc and am starting to enjoy it.
Anyway, have to go, will post room pictures shortly

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August 17th, 2006

10:42 am
I did it,

I got into RVC, i'm going to be a vet... yay!!!!!

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August 15th, 2006

08:29 pm - Holidays etc
Hello, how are you all my lovely friends, sorry for lack of posts, i can partly blame the fact that i've been on holiday for 2 weeks, getting back on sunday.

    Spent 2 weeks in the south of france with my family, neat St. Tropez in a small village called La Croix Valmer, was absolutely beautiful, hot and sunny with clear blue sea. The only slight issue was the Mistral, a big strong wind that affects that area, just meant it wasn't so pleasant to sit on the beach all the time!
 - did you know the suicide rate increases in Provence when the mistrsal blows /random fact!

    anyway, the first week of the holiday was just my family and we spent most of the week on the beach or exploring the local towns, on one night we went into St. Tropez, which was quite an experience, lots of hu-auge yacths, one even came with it's own helicopter!! Then during the 2nd week and Hannah (and a few other friends of siblings) joined us which was great fun and once again we spent most of the time sitting by the beach or the pool.We also explored some of the local towns, Cavalaire, Port Grimaud, Grimaud and Gassin, which was fun.

I would put some pics up but i can't work out how to, will direct you to flikr when they are uploaded.

Anyway, since monday I have been helping at my Church's holiday fun club thing, very exhausting, but quite fun, and some of the kids are very sweet.
However am not enjoying this week at all as Thursday is hanging over my head like an anvil, time to become an ostrich...

I will shortly go quiet on you for awhile (although if you are very good and if i haven't committed suicide by then i may let you know what happens on thursday) as i am going away with friends to Soul Survivor, a Christian covention thing, involving camping in a muddy field in Somerset, yay!!

so, until later
Current Mood: anxiousanxious
Current Music: calming music

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June 26th, 2006

07:19 pm
I've finished!

No more A-levels, no more stress, and most importantly... no more chemistry!!

Hello life, i'm back.
Current Location: A very happy place
Current Mood: exhaustedexhausted
Current Music: Happy Music

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June 24th, 2006

11:40 am - urghhh..
I'm so so so bored of chemistry right now, i don't understand ANYTHING.
been doing some nast calculation, still can't get them right, oh well, my luck has to change some time doesn't it.

so, only one more paper left, chemistry synoptic, then i'm free to do... i don't know what, actually i'm free to go to sleep!
What i'm most looking foreward to at the moment is going to Wimbledon on Tuesday!!
Then we've got our leavers prom on thurs which should be great fun, and leavers day on fri, which will be fun as we will all be half asleep!

So, almost there!

...In other news, should i be worried that my left wrist that got trodden on by a horse a month ago still aches quite a bit?
Current Mood: soresore
Current Music: some random crap that has just come on my lj

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June 19th, 2006

07:06 pm
There are some very noisy parakeets outside my window - very off-putting

...bloody global warming

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June 18th, 2006

08:55 pm
Here, you can make a request for a photo of something in my house. Be specific, i.e. not "photo of your bathroom", but "photo of your shower curtain/make up/shampoo" or "something that makes you smile" or "something that reminds you of [person/place/thing/season/whatever]".

And after that, post this so I can ask you.

as you may have guessed by my recent influx of posts it's exam time and i'm procrastinating once more...oh joy
Current Location: lost in the loop of henle
Current Mood: worriedworried
Current Music: chemistry

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